The Keys to Unlocking Your Empowered Self

No challenge is too great for you to conquer. We all deal with challenges on a daily basis, whether they are within the work place, in our personal relationships or in other areas of our lives. These challenges are opportunities for us to learn and doorways to a greater future. Sometimes challenges are created as a direct result of our own thinking. Often we choose to place our focus on what we don’t want, and then find ourselves taking steps towards bringing that about in our own lives.

Being empowered means taking charge of your own destiny. It means creating the life that you desire by consciously making decisions to move in the direction of your vision. Empowered people are not victims of their current circumstances, but rather, life long learners ready to rise up and meet the challenges that are presented to them. An empowered person sees the value in all of their life experiences. These people move away from a state of blame and towards a state of gratitude, putting their energy into their vision, and their focus on the present moment.

The disempowered individual often leads a life of desperation and hopelessness, with only short bursts of happiness created by favorable conditions. These people allow outside situations and circumstances to control their lives. They tend to dwell on past difficulties and find it impossible to truly forgive. Because they live in a state of blame, they seldom take responsibility for their present situations, and they never seem to move beyond their problems. To live a disempowered life is a choice, but at any time you can choose differently.

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The Keys to Unlocking Your Empowered Self